Sunday, 22 March 2015


We all have those people, who cant live without investigating about our life! These are the people who will always keep a tab on you and what you do.  They will always be there! When you have bagged an accomplishment, they’ll say “Oh! That’s no big deal! Anyone could do that” and when you don’t, they will definitely be there to bury your nose in the ground! With things like “I Knew it, he/she is good for nothing!”

Now lets take a minute to think rationally, why would they do that?!?!  What do they get out of it!?!? Trust me there is no logic! The primary reason to do that is because they don’t love their own life! Or they life is so pathetic that instead of improving that, they find it better (actually easier) to criticize you and your way of life!  Their own life is buried six feet under, and they cant bare to see anyone else prosper! Such people are negative at they core!

Its very tricky, to recognise these people. Because like generally negative people they don’t display the common symptoms of negativity! On the face of it, these people would generally seem nice and genuine, eager to know about your life and its progress. But little to your knowledge they are so vindictive that they are always conspiring against you, and bad mouthing behind your back! But don’t worry; one day things will reach your ears, one way or another!

And when they do, their negativity starts to mix in your life! Then you begin to doubt yourself and loose self-confidence! You wonder why these people are after your life! Before you realize it, you have already spent your precious time over these negative losers, rather than focusing on your self!

Now, you can’t change these people and you shouldn’t even waste your time over it! And at times, even ignorance doesn’t work. But what you can do is change your thinking! And this is something I realized from celebrities!! Paparazzi and journalists are always scrutinizing their lives! To look for faults, to create more drama! But that didn’t stop the celebrities from living their lives to the maximum! We have fine tune our thinking to theirs! And realize that my accomplishments, my failures and my opinions are JUST MINE! No one else’s!

These negative losers are always going to hover around you! And even more when you achieve something! But we should think of them as our fans! Who have a love-hate relationship with us! They are like are personal moon! They keep revolving around us! JUST IMAGINE, we are sooo important to them and they cant live without us! Don’t let them bring you down, instead people are interested in your life, that means your life is interesting!!!! That should boost your confidence! So smile and pose in style for your beloved paparazzi!!

I want to know, how many of you’ll agree with me? I’m sure everyone at least has one moon revolving around them! Lol! I also want to know, how do you’ll tackle with this? Do you’ll use any crazy ideas? As far I am concerned I am Pluto! With at least 5 moons and still counting more..  how many do you’ll have? Also, do let me know, whether you like my blog and this weeks topic? and what would you'll like me to write on for the next week! Any and all suggestions are welcome! Even the moons revolving around me can leave a comment if they like! :D

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Help comes in unexpected ways..

Help! I am drowning.. Help!

I am sure all of us have head this story at one point or the other.

A man is downing.. and he prays to god to help him.. to save him.. god sends three ships one by one.. but he refuses to take help from any of these three.. as he is waiting for god to help him!! well the moral: god had sent help in disguise of the ships, but the man refuses to recognize that!! Same old.. same old! we have heard this story probably a hundred times.. but have you'll ever given it a thought? That god might actually be helping you in a way you don't realise. Most of the times its quite evident, so then why do we close our eyes to it?

In the modern day, we pray to god, to help us from drowning in our problems, difficult situations, when we reach to a point where we don't understand what the next step should be?!?! And when help is offered to us in unconventional form or the source of help is not the expected one.. what do we do? Refuse it.. yup! believe it or not.. we do that more often than we should!

Then the next step is to complain, that god didn't answer your prayers.. and drown further into problems. Soon after that, we manage to cope with the situation, but then again there is a new problem awaiting us!

Now my motive to write his blog is to convey the message that.. please open your eyes! and see the opportunities lying in front of you, identity the help being offered.. whether its in conventional or unconventional form!

For example, if you need advice, you would look up to your parents or older siblings, But what about the younger ones, even they might be able to help you out! Now, we don't expect our younger siblings to advice us.. and when they do.. we just ignore it by saying.. "what would you know!" We unintentionally close so many doors because we refuse to see them, or thats not the place we were expecting help from!

So please learn to accept the help! Ego or attitude.. that you will be fine without someones help is not gonna get you anywhere! Instead you will find yourself stuck in the situation! We are all humans.. we all make mistakes.. no one is perfect and we do need help, guidance and support.. so when someone does offer help genuinely, recognise it...don't wait for a miracle to happen! After all, god resides in everyone! The fact that someone is ready to help you even though everyone has a busy life.. is miracle enough! TRUST ME!

So help others, when you can.. and keep your sky rocket ego in your pocket when someone offers a helping hand and appreciate it!

Please leave a comment below.. whether you liked this weeks blog post. Please let us know, if you have experienced this, a helping hand from an unpredictable source? and whether you accepted with a smile or shunned it away? Also leave some suggestions for the next blog post!

- Confused Gyani

Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 things to learn before 25!

We humans definitely win the title for the weirdest species on earth! Generally animals or other living entities have only one goal, which is to survive! But we humans are special, though even we started out with the goal of survival, over the span of millions of years our priorities have not only advanced but also changed!

If one looks around them today, they will find everyone in life has a different goal and they are struggling to achieve it, especially us the young generation! We have the biggest of dreams, and we get into the rat race to achieve it! It’s quite common to have a personal list of things, one wants to achieve before a certain age. Lets say, before you turn 25 you expect to have a stable job, learn a new language, travel to a far away land, probably own a house, do something adventurous like scuba diving or bungee jumping, you want to find your true love by that time!!! Ooooffff!!! The pressure on turning 25 is a lot!

We expect to upgrade everything in our life! But what we forget is that we just end up concentrating on materialistic things. In this entire process we forget to upgrade ourselves as human beings. So that gave me thought to prepare this list! 5 things that we can and probably we should learn before turning 25.

1.Patience: one thing I have realised is that you cannot take on any journey without patience. But do we really understand the meaning of patience.

This is the true meaning of patience. To keep your efforts sky high even though it reaps no efforts, because one day it will. Patience is to have faith in yourself, when no one else will!

2. Procrastination: this is something we humans are very well aware of. We don’t need to learn this but we need to UNLEARN it. Procrastination in today’s world is a combination of fear and insecurity along with wasting time. We are most of the times scared of taking the next step; scared of the new doors it will open. Sounds weird right?!? But it’s true! No matter how cheezy the line “Darr ke aage hi jeet hai” is, its true! So get off your ass! The world is your oyster! Learn to make the most of it!

3.Persistance: now many a times, when things don’t go our way. We tend to loose hope and give up on it completely. But we have to keep reminding ourselves of the reason why we started in the first place. Agreed! It’s extremely difficult to stay on the top of your game all the time. But its even more difficult to give up and think “what if I would have given it one more try?!?”  Don’t let yourself reach that position. Be persistent! Or at least try to..

4. Jealousy: OK! This is another one, which we need to UNLEARN. And lets be honest we all have been jealous of someone or even something at a point in our life. And it’s only natural. Few take it in the positive sense and fuel their desire to achieve. But most of us get stuck in rut to make the other person feel inferior! Trust me, we don’t need to waste our time on futile jealousy and realise that this just takes our focus off the main goal! Now we wouldn’t want that.. would we..?

5. Confidence: Finally, we need to have confidence. Don’t wait for any to validate you, your personality, your achievements or your life! It’s NOT theirs! It’s yours! The only validation you should seek is from yourself! Pretty awesome, if we could actually do that right? But guess what? You can! You just need to be confident and have some faith in yourself! Im sure that’s not very difficult.. right?

OK.. So there is my list of 5 things to learn before 25! But I’m sure those who are older could also learn these! Please let me know how you liked my list. And whether you would make a different one and what would you include? Any ideas are welcome. We can always grow the list. J Any suggestions for my next post are also welcome!